HHS Financial Leader Retires

“John Peckham, who spent 34 years in federal services, including the last eight years leading financial management efforts in the Department of Health and Human Services, retired in early January.

‘I worked in government accounting/financial management for most of my career. Over the last few years I was fortunate to be involved in several large scale transformative initiatives promoting process improvement, innovation, and culture change,’ Peckham wrote on LinkedIn. ‘These roles tested me, forced me to learn, allowed me to grow, and their outcomes will make a difference. I have often been asked why I would want to take on these types of challenges so late in my career, and the answer is simple. When you spend a lifetime thinking ‘there has to be a better way to do this’ and then you get the opportunity to not only influence, but lead positive change – how can anyone possibly say no. After all, isn’t that what federal service should be all about!’

Peckham spent five years leading the ReInvent Grants Management transformation initiative under the HHS ReImagine program. He also led the HHS DATA Act implementation effort as well as the grants pilot required under the statute.

Over the last two-plus years, Peckham was the CFO of the HHS Program Support Center, where he inherited a mess after leadership decided stop offering governmentwide acquisition services…” Read the full article here.

Source: Key IT acquisition, financial executives leaving GSA, HHS – By Jason Miller, January 12, 2022. Federal News Network.



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