HHS IHS RFQ: Web-based Instructions For Use (IFUs) Database

Notice ID: RFQ-22-PHX-004

“The Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) has a requirement for a web-based instructions for use (IFUs) database of various and multiple manufacturers for IFU for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of medical equipment. This request for quote (RFQ) is a Small Business set aside…”

“PIMC does not have a system in place for tracking, storage, or easy retrieval or access to IFUs. Sets of binders containing the same information would be needed in various locations. It may be difficult to create, maintain, and update multiple sets of manuals, especially when new equipment is purchased or leased or when manufacturers make changes to the IFU. The surgical departments have manuals with IFU’s. If an IFU is needed, the current process is to call the manufacturer and speak to customer service, this may result in delayed response if the request if customer service hours are geared for the Eastern Time zones, if the request is made after business hours, weekends, or on holidays.”

“Awardee shall have an electronic web-based database for various manufacturer validated instruction of use (IFUs) for surgical instruments and medical equipment. Following the IFU for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization improves patient safety and may reduce errors that could otherwise lead to healthcare associated infections, adverse events or surgical errors. The device can be retrieved by model number, manufacturer, or item description. If an IFU is not listed on the database, a request can be made and the customer service department will act as the liaison with the company and will notify the user when the document has been added — this service is available at no additional cost…”

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