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Leveraging Emerging Commercial Healthcare Technologies for Government Agencies
This insight piece by OptumServe is focused on AI and Program Integrity in Government, how commercial insight can factor in, and what can be learned from commercial technology to keep pace.

Keeping IT Brief Podcast: Taking the Board of Veterans’ Appeals Into the Future
Since taking over as Chairman of the Board of Veterans’ Appeals Cheryl Mason has been tasked with addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the future of hearings. Taking steps to fast-track virtual hearings, Mason has taken strides to be sure the inability to meet in-person hasn’t hindered the Board’s mission.

Healthcare Data Management: Understanding Interoperability, Integrity and Governance
This article by NGS’ CIO is focused on the technology behind Healthcare and successful Healthcare data management.

2021 Leading for Impact Event: Key Takeaways
The fourth annual Leading for Impact, Women in Leadership Conference celebrated the accomplishments of women in Government and industry. Three fireside chat panels featured women executives from various Government agencies speaking to the event’s theme, From Crisis to Opportunity: Building Resiliency to Drive Transformation, Modernization, and Success in 2022.

Keeping IT Brief Podcast: Getting Ahead with the Vaccine Program
Karen Chan is leading the NGS effort to support the HRSA and CDC Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program. Her team leverages and analyzes data to determine how best to support the program’s mission: providing the COVID-19 vaccine to our most underserved population.

Optimizing the VA’s IT Service Desk Will Be Critical to the Success of Its EHR Program
This article by the VP of Product Strategy with SolarWinds offers advice to VA aimed at focusing on automating its service desk capabilities while optimizing its network to ensure easy and reliable access to records and a great user experience.

Cloud-based Machine Learning to Address the Nation’s Most Urgent Behavioral Health Problems
This article discusses how machine learning can be applied to major behavioral health problems of interest to the Federal Government and offers advice on building models that are standardized, robust and fair.

Making IT Matter
Following the success of last year’s debut of the video series entitled “Making IT Matter,” here we presented the latest installment. These brief video clips capture advice from senior leaders within the Federal IT Community detailing how they foster their mission, bring meaning, and make “IT” and the work they do matter.

Breaking the Time Barrier: Impacts of Low-Code/No-Code
This article by the MS Power Platform Practice Lead with B3 Group and a 2021 Leading for Impact awardee looks at low-code/no-code as a way forward.

Keeping IT Brief Podcast: Shared Services & Interoperability: Breaking Down Data Silos for Seamless Solutions in the Federal Healthcare Cloud
This interview with Dave Davidson, Director, Solutions and Technology Integrations at Philips, discusses the importance of leveraging tools, services and APIs in the cloud; the challenges this approach solves; why these solutions are critical for Government; and how Philips’ HealthSuite Digital Platform can support industry in driving their efforts.



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