Press Release: NewWave Announces Creation of SAFFRON Labs to Address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Data Interoperability

“NewWave Technologies announces the opening of SAFFRON Labs, an incubation hub that will support the creation of the technical capability for a secure consumer- and community-centric, open, interoperable SDOH data ecosystem.”

“SAFFRON Labs will build a modular SDOH Platform to provide for the standardization of SDOH data collection, and build a sustainable, modern technical infrastructure for interoperability between healthcare entities and community-based organizations (CBOs), including federal and state benefit programs. The Lab’s initial focus will be on the accurate collection and interoperability of data for a patient’s race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation and gender identity…”

“SAFFRON Labs will leverage the technology and experience of the award-winning interoperability SAFHIR platform of NewWave’s sister company, Onyx, and provide a software-as-a service product offering that will support SDOH interoperability for federal, state, local governments and private-sector healthcare providers…” Read the full press release here.

Source: Announcing the creation of SAFFRON Labs to address Social Determinants of Health Interoperability – By Michael Corbin, January 18, 2022. NewWave.

NewWave was named to the list of NXT UP firms poised to make big waves in the Federal sector in 2020 and for years to come.



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