VA awards contract for Public Policy Program Support Services pending protest resolution

Notice ID: 36C10D22P0001

Contract Award Number: 36C10D22P0001

Task/Delivery Order Number: 36C10D22P0001

The Contractor shall provide professional support services to include statistical analytics support, strategic advice, overarching management strategy, statistical analysis support, SharePoint Administration Support Services, and planning. The contractor shall provide comprehensive project management support services to Compensation Service for a variety of projects throughout the period of performance. The project management support approaches employed by contractor staff shall be consistent with project management best practices, notably those specified by PMI’s PMBOK Guide and SEI CMMI. These projects target improving the efficiency of benefits delivery through application development, procedural modifications, process streamlining and systems management. Projects and programs are in various phases of the project lifecycle ranging from concept definition, (beginning stages) to operational sustainment (maintenance). Support is required to both plan and execute all of these phases, while ensuring all projects are properly resourced, funded and remain on schedule, and that all risks are effectively documented and managed. The POP of this proposed sole source action is for six (6) months from 01-10-2022 to 07-09-2022.

This requirement is part of a recompete effort under a solicitation that was protested. The VBA is taking corrective action to address the protests. Consequently, this proposed sole source contract is a considered an urgent and compelling requirement due to time limitations, and because a delayed award will cause significant operational disruptions to VBA Office of Compensation Services which, will significantly hinder VBAs’ ability to provide services effectively and efficiently to service-disabled Veterans in a timely manner. Thus, this proposed sole source contract is to ensure there is no gap in services while the corrective action is completed. By awarding this proposed sole source action, VBA will have pricing and operational consistency since the same unit prices will be used. Trilogy’s employees are also already onboarded and have significant knowledge of VBA’s current policy development processes which, will avoid a possible need for additional funding and will avoid contractor performance delays and VBA operation delays. Also, the VBA will avoid delays related to processing times to synopsize the requirement, /search for sources; to develop technical documents and to solicit and evaluate quotes. Thus, this proposed sole source action provides less risk and is more advantageous to the government at this point.

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