VA posts replacement RFI: CEHRIS Program Support

Updated January 18, 2022

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0123

This RFI replaces 36C10B21Q0339.

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Posted January 14, 2022

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0339

The contractor shall provide ongoing monthly program management support for the CEHRIS program lifecycle while also supporting CEHRIS project deliveries by supporting business transformation, change management, stakeholder engagement, acquisition management, business analysis, data analysis, documentation, risks & issues, tracking, and strategy efforts in support of each initiative. The contractor shall provide program management oversight support that enables full integration of program oversight support into each CEHRIS business line. The contractor shall work to gain a full understanding of CEHRIS leadership initiatives and priorities to support the CEHRIS’ status tracking and by providing consulting support for project level activities ensuring program goals are met. The contractor shall support CEHRIS decision makers by gathering and developing data from program representatives and present recommendations to leadership for decisions. This support includes gathering, reporting and developing program benefits, performance metrics, return on investment, governance, missions/vision/goal/objective alignment, transformation, accountability, integration, acquisitions, finance, infrastructure, planning, and continuous improvement…

The contractor shall provide qualified personnel commensurate with this performance work statement, in terms of necessary skills at the requisite level of knowledge and experience. Broadly, a team assigned is expected to have experience with:

  1. Human Capital Management HCM solution implementation to include planning, migrating, and transitioning from an existing solution
  2. Agile and scrum methodologies aligned with Veteran Focused Integration Process (VIP)
  3. Human-centered design practices, such as:
    1. User research, such as (but not limited to) contextual inquiry and usability testing
    2. User experience design
    3. Visual design
    4. Content design

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