VA RFQ: Geographic Information System (GIS) Data and Mapping Tool Service for VHA

Notice ID: 36C77621Q0343

VACO requires an existing commercial off the shelf web-based subscription to an online geographic information system (GIS) data and mapping tool service made available to VA Central Office employees.  This procurement is for a VA enterprise-wide license for electronic access to the database. A subscription to GIS data and mapping tool which includes datasets, maps, tables, reports, and customized regional data would allow a single-point of access for all Central Office Program Offices and staff to evaluate trends, access benchmarks, and strategically target interventions to improve Veterans outcomes. The procurement requires a place-based data analytics and mapping platform which the VA will use to gain neighborhood-level insights and develop targeted, geographic interventions for a wide range of problems encountering the Veteran patient.

Data will support the following Department offices:

  • Advisory Committee Management Office
  • Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiative
  • Center for Minority Veterans
  • Center for Women Veterans
  • Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
  • Secretary’s Center for Strategic Partnerships (SCSP)
  • Veterans Experience Office (VEO)

The following examples illustrate the functionality required by this effort. For program planning and evaluation, VA data would be compared to contextual data from a GIS data and mapping tool to  find areas with a high COVID-19 risk, a concentration of Veterans in poverty, and where there is currently a lack of VA facilities or programs.  Additionally, the VA National Center on Homelessness among Veterans could obtain demographics data for Veterans that are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.  Demographic topical data gathered could include density, race, ethnicity, diversity, segregation, age, sex, people with disabilities, federal assistance for people with disabilities, household type, household size, and family type.  Finally, data related to Housing and Community Development and COVID-19 could include:

  • Census and zip code areas of severe COVID-19 health risk
  • COVID-19 cases, deaths and testing data at county and state levels
  • Underlying health conditions (COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Obesity) also at census and zip code levels
  • Health insurance coverage, hospital capacity, supermarket accessibility for veterans
  • COVID-19 Mortality Risk Estimates and COVID-19 Racial Data Tracker
  • Home and Renter Affordability
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Location dataset and Opportunity Zone Fund funding.

The contractor shall provide an annual subscription to the online data and mapping tool, to include enterprise-wide access to an unlimited number of users, for 12-month access terms.  The contractor shall provide the VA Central Office Employees access through a separate, new URL.  Access shall include an admin tool to be used by designated administrators for self-service setup of users without having to contact contractor customer support staff.

The contractor shall allow authorized users login access on an unlimited basis to the separate, new URL, via a username and password.

The contractor shall allow access to all data and functionality available in the tool. The tool must have the following functionalities at a minimum:

  • Provide data in maps (including multi-layer maps), tables and reports
  • Provide neighborhood-level data
  • Create custom results based on self-defined areas or by combining pre-defined options (i.e., census tracts, zip codes, or counties)
  • Results/Data can be downloaded and exported in .csv format

The contractor shall allow use of a self-service spreadsheet data loader; e.g. to upload address-based point datasets, without filtering options, in batches of up to 10,000 points at a time.

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