VA RFI: Section 508 Enablement

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0119

“…The VA Chief Information Officer (CIO) has mandated that all ICT shall meet Section 508 compliance.  VA requires independent validation of ICT against Section 508 compliance standards. This Task Order (TO) will be used to verify that the projects developed, procured, maintained or used by VA meet those requirements.  These requirements are validated by independent auditing done by the Section 508 Program Office Audit Engineers…”


The Contractor shall perform United States Access Board’s Section 508 Standards assessments applying to ICT.”

“The Contractor shall coordinate all activities from project intake and project assessment to the delivery of the final validation report for approximately 2,000 ICT products per year.  All delivered documents must be 508 Compliant.”

“SECTION 508 Manual Compliance Audits

The Contractor shall create a Compliance Audit Report for each requested audit of VA ICT products. The Contractor shall conduct a 508 Compliance audit to identify areas of deficiencies, nonconformance, and problems encountered, and to recommend suggestions for improvements and best practices for each ICT product assessed. The Contractor shall perform the 508 compliance manual audits in accordance with the United States Access Board’s Section 508 of the ICT standards.  Products may include but not limited to electronic documents and VA forms, authoring tools, software applications, applications on platforms including Java and SharePoint, plug-ins, websites, web application and non-web-based applications…”

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