DHA Sources Sought: Enterprise Blood Management System (EBMS) Donor Sustainment Support

Notice ID: HT0011-22-RFI-0135

“Scope: Provide enterprise blood donor management system operations and sustainment by supporting the full spectrum of donor screening, registration functions, and all blood manufacturing functions to include but not limited to donor collection, component preparation, testing, labeling, shipping, reporting, and sharing appropriate information between individual centers across all centers and in standard formats to other MHS IT systems.”

“This support shall include installation and sustainment of all testing, training, and production environments, Donor Center installs, customer support, system, and infrastructure maintenance at MHS Enterprise Service Operations Center (MESOC), Aurora, test environments, and quality assurance. This support also includes change and configuration management of current and future versions of LifeTrak® to ensure production of safe, pure, and potent blood products.”

“This support also includes the configuration, implementation, and maintenance activities required to deploy new versions of LifeTrak® (future releases and/or upgrades of application software throughout the life of the sustainment contract) to include interfaces with other clinical systems (i.e. CHCS and other specified government interfaces). All components of the application software, including reports, are required to perform accurately and contain no defects on all versions. All supporting and third party software shall be tracked to ensure that all versions are current. Tracking of expiration dates, licenses, end of life notifications, and cybersecurity compliances are some of the attributes to be tracked, in addition to others that may be identified during the contract period.”

“In addition, the Contractor shall manage the Host Based Security System (HBSS) on the Enterprise Blood Management System (EBMS) production, training, and testing servers located at three MHS sites (San Antonio, TX; Aurora, CO; Garrison Integration Laboratory, or an equivalent testing center). HBSS is a DoD COTS suite of software applications used within the DoD to monitor, detect, and counter attacks against DoD computer networks and systems. The EBMS servers (i.e. Automated Patient Backup Card (APBC), mobile server, etc.) will be managed using HBSS, Anti-Virus/Anti-malware, monitoring, and management administration software packages installed by the Contractor, EBMS, and HBSS administrators…”

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