Federal News Network: VA looks to boost healthcare services through wireless experiments

“The Department of Veterans Affairs is experimenting with fifth-generation mobile networks at three medical centers, while also using 5G to boost connections at rural locations.”

“Daniel Mesimer, the director of network engineering at the VA, said the department has a multi-fold strategy for modernizing its networks, with a big emphasis on looking for alternative forms of transport.”

“’That’s where conversations around cellular 5G come into play,’ he said. ‘We’re also exploring and expanding our footprint around software defined wide-area networks. We really see the marriage of those two providing some additional services and support for our clinicians, our service providers, and at the end of the day, for our veterans.'”

“In recent years, the VA has launched three 5G experiments at medical centers in Palo Alto, Seattle and Miami, respectively. Mesimer said the experiments are all in their early stages.”

“’We see that as a launching point for us to engage with our innovations teams to really explore what those use cases are and how we fold the 5G capabilities into the VA network infrastructure,’ he said.”

“Eventually, the VA wants to combine the experimental 5G networks with the operational networks at each medical center to provider staff and patients with high-speed, low latency data connections. ‘They would experience a better application experience,’ Mesimer said. ‘Faster access to the telehealth systems, easier access to some data sets and the data centers.'”

“He said the VA is currently working through challenges with combining the experimental 5G networks with the agency’s secure production network…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA looks to boost healthcare services through wireless experiments – By Justin Doubleday, February 15, 2022. Federal News Network.



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