MeriTalk: MHS GENESIS Not Survivable in Cyber-Contested Environment, DOD Report Says

“An annual report from the Defense Department’s (DoD) Director for Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) has found the Military Health System (MHS) GENESIS – DoD’s new electronic health records management (EHRM) system – was not deemed to be survivable in a cyber-contested environment following reviews in 2020 and 2021.”

“The report cites some progress achieved in 2021 through a change management program, but also offers a lengthy list of improvements in training and cybersecurity testing for the EHRM system including testing of vendor data storage solutions.”

“’MHS GENESIS is operationally effective for basic operations in conventional clinics, but not for certain specialty clinics and business areas,’ the report writes. ‘While training remains an area of major concern, with 72 percent of respondents rating it poorly, hands-on practice in a mock environment also demonstrated potential to improve MHS GENESIS operational suitability. Despite ongoing cybersecurity improvements, MHS GENESIS is not yet survivable in a cyber-contested environment.'”

“The DOT&E annual report released on Jan. 27 looks broadly at the adequacy of the service branch test strategies and plans based on the degree that they will provide the following:

  1. Data to support credible evaluation of operational effectiveness and operational suitability;
  2. Battlespace and threat coverage;
  3. Adequate use of modeling and simulation (M&S);
  4. Complete cybersecurity and live fire assessments, like demonstrating system survivability and lethality against mission-relevant threats;
  5. Production-representative test articles;
  6. Operational realism; and
  7. Sufficient funding required to support test execution…” Read the full article here.

Source: MHS GENESIS Not Survivable in Cyber-Contested Environment, DoD Report Says – By Jordan Smith, February 3, 2022. MeriTalk.



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