Press Release: Tennessee Veterans Affairs Medical Centers Deploy DSS Iconic Data Suicide Prevention Manager (SPM)™ Solution

“Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS, Inc.), a leading provider of health information technology (HIT) solutions for federal, private and public health care organizations and Iconic Data Inc., a leading provider of health care analytics and real-time data enabled workflow standardization solutions, today announce that the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System (TVHS), which includes the Nashville and Murfreesboro VA Medical Centers, and the Mountain Home VA Medical Center have deployed the DSS Iconic Data Suicide Prevention Manager (SPM)™ solution.”

“With real-time push notifications, SPM leverages the power of timely data and process automation to protect Veterans at high risk for suicide. The SPM platform monitors suicide prevention care pathways and streamlines Suicide Prevention Coordinator workflows –permitting easy identification of items requiring attention and saving valuable time…”

“With SPM, suicide preventionists can identify actions that are due or coming due that need to be taken as part of the VA’s suicide prevention care pathways. This improves care for Veterans and positively impacts VA facility performance on related suicide prevention care quality measures.”

“In addition, the SPM solution helps with the implementation of the VA’s enterprise-wide Suicide Prevention Risk Identification Strategy, which calls for screening Veterans for suicide risk and timely and methodical follow up of positive screenings. It also helps VA Medical Centers maximize compliance with the VA’s Safety Planning in the Emergency Department initiative, which the VA has deployed nationwide based on findings that the intervention reduced the risk of suicide after discharge home from VA Emergency Departments.”

“Over the past several years, both DSS, Inc. and Iconic Data have worked closely with VA suicide prevention teams to develop and evolve SPM. They continue to identify new areas where real-time data, enabled by DSS and Iconic Data’s real-time VA information system integration technologies, will truly be game changing…” Read the full press release here.

Source: Tennessee Veterans Affairs Medical Centers Deploy DSS Iconic Data Suicide Prevention Manager (SPM)™ Solution – March 30, 2022. Document Storage Systems.



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