VA awards task for Oracle Tuxedo/Jolt Licenses support

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0429
Contract Award Number: NNG15SD27B36C10B22F0070
Contractor Awarded Name: V3GATE, LLC

VA, Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) requires continued maintenance and technical support on existing Oracle Tuxedo software licenses and Oracle Tuxedo Jolt software licenses that are utilized in support of the FMBT Program. No additional software licenses are being procured under this effort. This effort is for software maintenance and technical support only. Oracle licenses serve as the base platform (engine) upon which the iFAMS applications reside and performs the underlying work for the applications. iFAMS is an Enterprise Resource Planning System that is comprised of various Oracle products, such as: Database Tier, Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Partitioning Pack, Oracle Diagnostics Pack, Oracle Tuning Pack, Oracle Advanced Security Option (ASO), Oracle Golden Gate, Application Tier, Oracle Weblogic and Oracle Tuxedo + Jolt. The iFAMS applications are tuned and configured to run on top of Oracle Tuxedo and Oracle Tuxedo Jolt and no substitutions can be made. Oracle Tuxedo is a messaging middleware software, which provides a service-oriented infrastructure for efficiently routing, dispatching, and managing requests, events, and application queues across system processes and application services within iFAMS. With virtually limitless scalability, it manages peak transaction volumes efficiently, improving business agility and letting the VA quickly react to changes in business demands and throughput.

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