VA RFI: Wayfinding Patient Engagement Expansion (Phase 2)

Notice ID: VA-22-00032695

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Salem VA Medical Center (VAMC) requires an expansion of their existing patient engagement system to additional buildings within the Salem VAMC campus…”

“The existing patient engagement system utilizes the Virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE) cloud and includes Juniper/Mist networking access points used to locate and guide patients throughout the medical facility, the Optical Local Area Network uses Tellabs equipment to connect all of the access points and Medrics/Inpixion wayfinding uses app/mapping software to locate and guide patients using the optical networks and access points… Once the wayfinding app is enabled, the facility can proactively geo-fence welcome message boards as well as give patients the ability to find their way through the hospital with wayfinding technology. This will give patients an all-in-one portal or hub to interact with when either outside or inside the VA hospital. This will allow patients to interact via a very robust mapping and app platform.”

“TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: The Contractor shall expand the turn-key Optical Local Area Network distributed access system that must use vBLE technology for patient wayfinding and shall be designed to be a fully air gapped network from the existing information technology (IT) wireless. The Contractor shall be required to add additional fiber in areas where fiber is not currently available. Coverage shall be throughout the Salem VAMC campus in all main medical buildings (buildings listed in section 1.0, except for building 4 second floor and building 5 second floor), delivering pervasive coverage for engagement.

  • The scope of this requirement includes all necessary hardware, software, installation and configuration, testing, training, sustainment, support, and warranty required for patient wayfinding services throughout the Salem VAMC main campus. This shall also include the cost of a dedicated external internet connection with suitable bandwidth for a facility of the Salem VAMC campus’ size.
  • The Contractor must provide new hardware and licenses to be a complete, fully functional patient engagement system…”

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