VA Sources Sought: Web-Based Health Care Survey

Notice ID: 36C24122Q0384

“The VHA is performing research and needs a vendor to provide all tools, labor, and contacts to conduct a web-based survey of 500 informal caregivers (i.e., family or unpaid friends/neighbors) of older (≥65) U.S. military Veterans with complex care needs. The aim of this survey is to elucidate the logistical factors that informal caregivers experience in coordinating care for a community dwelling older Veteran with complex care needs, their impact on caregiver quality of life (QoL), and how these factors differ in urban versus rural areas.

  • A nationally representative web-based survey of 500 informal caregivers of older (≥65) Veterans will be conducted to understand the logistics of in-person health visits for the Veteran and their informal caregiver.
  • The survey will begin early 2022 and be completed within 5 months.
  • Survey measures will include items about 1) visit logistics, 2) measures of activities of daily living (adl) 3) measures of medical complexity, 4) caregiver quality of life and 5) sociodemographic measures.
  • The survey instrument will be programmed on password-protected website.
  • Administration of a total of 500 completed surveys from a web-enabled customized survey panel (i.e., informal caregivers of older Veterans, 50-50 split of urban/rural, 80-20 split of white/nonwhite).
  • Primary deliverables include: (1) provision of anonymous SPSS data set containing all survey data and complete variable and value labels and (2) a field report documenting all sampling and data collection procedures, codebook, panel recruitment methodology, and any requested statistical weighting.
  • The A&A requirements do not apply and a Security Accreditation Package is not required.
  • Data will initially be collected and stored on Vendor’s survey platform. At the close of the data collection period, all data will be transferred (download will be FIPS 140-2 compliant and data will be fully de-identified in accordance with HIPAA deidentification standards) to a VA-secure share drive accessible only to approved research staff. Transfer will occur using a direct download using a VA-secure computer and behind the VA firewall.

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