HHS IHS RFI: Demographic Data and Analysis Support Services

Notice ID: DOIDFBO220035

“Executive Summary: The Division of Program Statistics (DPS) needs to correctly report the race of American Indians and Alaska Natives (Al/AN) using state birth and death certificates. County-level data are provided to DPS by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). After processing, the data analysis results are used for planning, budget formulation, and resource allocation purposes.”

“The Indian Health Service (IHS) and Indian tribes use mortality data for planning, outcome measurement, and the determination of the health status of Al/AN. In addition, resource allocations occur based on mortality data; therefore, these data must be adjusted to correct Al/AN race errors on state death certificates. Other similar errors occur with birth certificates. Published studies have determined that the race of Al/AN decedents is often identified incorrectly on state death certificates when the race is compared for these same individuals in other sources.”

“Given these needs, statistical expertise and assistance are required to augment statistical data processing and programming, as well as data analysis, tabulation, and reporting of Al/AN natality and mortality data with accurate adjustment for the misreporting of race.”

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