VA RFQ: After Hospital Care Plan (AHCP) portal software subscription

Notice ID: 36C26122Q0474

“Purpose: The purpose is to procure access to a subscription based After Hospital Care Plan (AHCP) portal software for the VA Central California Healthcare System, 2615 E Clinton Ave Fresno, Ca 93703.”

“Software subscription will improve the hospital discharge process and promote patient safety and reduce re-hospitalization rates. A tool used in which a color booklet designed to clearly present the information needed by patients to prepare them for the days between discharge and the first visit with their ambulatory care physician. The After Hospital Care Plan software will replace our current Discharge Part B document with an easy to read, patient friendly discharge document that will make a meaningful impact on patient understanding of their discharge, patient satisfaction and patient safety.”

“Scope: The vendor will license the use of the After Hospital Care Plan software to the VA Central California Health Care System and support the installation, implementation, and customization of the After Hospital Care Plan software.”

“The license grant includes, at no additional charge, the right to make and use a reasonable number of copies of the Software for testing, back-up, archival and disaster recovery purposes, and of the Documentation for internal training, support and deployment.”

“The vendor will provide the following solutions:

  • Creation of After Hospital Care Plans with health literacy appropriate patient discharge instructions for patients;
  • Report functionality to enable continual quality improvement and performance tracking;
  • Administrative interface to perform user management, application configuration and auditing;
  • Integrate the AHCP software with the hospital based VISTA software used for evidence-based, VISTA-Integrated Discharge Instructions. Replaces a site`s existing CPRS discharge note with a patient-friendly discharge instruction booklet that: * Has been shown to reduce unnecessary readmissions * Is customized for the VA environment to help educate veterans about their care and additional VA programs * Improves the discharge process at a VA site while providing leadership opportunities for clinical staff. A new software that will interface with CPRS to improve the discharge process. It allows the care givers to have one source to print Care Plans, the patients schedule appointments, etc. End-users will access via CPRS Tools. Grants a license for Customer and its Users to use the Product, during the Term…”

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