VA RFQ: Electronic Drug Database – Grand Junction VAMC

Notice ID: 36C25922Q0303

“General Tasks/Requirements: The U.S. Health Care System has transitioned from hardcopy medical references to electronic reference databases. Staff of about 600 in VHA WCHCS require online web access to searchable medical reference databases for quick and easy retrieval of up to date and evidence based medical information for health care providers and patients. Electronic medical references reduce the need for multiple individual copies of expensive resources. This method provides a more efficient manner of retrieving medically necessary information to meet the clinical mission of serving Veterans within the VHA WCHCS Network.”

“The contractor shall provide 24/7/365 license rights for immediate access to multiple users for any web-enabled computer to employees located within any of the medical facilities or offices of VHA WCHCS.”

“In addition to regular web-based access described above, the electronic reference shall be accessible remotely through Virtual Private Network (VPN), Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) as well as mobile devices such as Smartphone or iPad devices…”

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