VA RFQ: Vendor Credentialing Services

Notice ID: 36C25022Q0555

“Requirements:  The Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (10701 East Blvd Cleveland, Ohio 44106) is requesting vendor credentialing monitoring services to ensure credentialing compliance and accountability of the clinical vendors coming into the facility and to manage all foot traffic – visitors, employees, and vendors – with a single touchless platform. The contract will be a base year with one (1) one-year option period. The base year period of performance would be from 6-1-2022 through 5-31-2023.”

“Specific Tasks: The Contractor shall provide vendor credentialing monitoring services for the Cleveland VAMC. The Contractor shall provide vendors a portal in which to register via publicly accessible web domain.  After the vendors have uploaded required documentation, the Contractor shall credential the vendor via the vendor portal. The Contractor shall mail up to 500 registered vendors per year a hard badge to wear while at VA facilities and provide unlimited digital vendor badges, with sufficient lead time to permit the vendors access to the VAMC for their intended purposes. Additionally, the Contractor shall email all vendors a digital badge for their use in the event the vendor misplaces their hard badge. The Contractor shall ensure that both the hard badge and digital badge contain the vendor’s name, employer, badge activation and expiration dates, and picture. To facilitate vendor and visitor check-ins, the Contractor shall provide 10 check-in stations, 50 instructional signs, 3 stand-alone visitor kiosks, implementation services, support services, and web hosting. The visitor kiosks provided by the Contractor shall be capable of scanning any Government or State issued identification card to automatically check in the visitor.”

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