CDC RFQ: Geocoding Tool for Tracking Data

Notice ID: 75D301-22-Q-74619

Requirement for:

  • Geocoding Support and Capabilities -Base Year
  • Geocoding Support and Capabilities- Base Year Optional Task

The goal of the Project is to provide a software tool to be used by Tracking grant recipients to geocode a large number of diverse datasets to census tracts with a high degree of accuracy and a standard process.

Section 3 – Scope of Work

The Tracking Program will work with awardee to establish required functionality of software, security protocols and connections, inputs and outputs, statistical logs, and customer support. Once implemented the geocoding services will need to be updated at a minimum yearly basis with new geo data and new functionality. The need for the geocoding services will be ongoing as new records are generated and submitted to CDC by the grantees on a yearly basis.

Section 4 – Tasks to be Performed

The contractor will meet the following requirements: 

    1. Implement a standardized geocoding service
      • Accepts expected inputs and returns expected outputs in correct format
      • Returned fields should include lat, long, census tract, zipcode centroids
    2. Establish role based security to geocoding service
      • Access will be controlled through CDC SAMS
      • Create an interface with SAMS to accept users
      • Assure users only have access to designated data only
    3. Allow the geocoding service to handle all US geographies
      • Allow the service to accept expanded geographies from 3rd parties
      • E911 geographic data for more accuracy should be dynamically accepted
    4. Establish separate servers or virtual servers for data and application
      • Assure Tracking/CDC data is kept separate from other users
      • Have the capability to automatically have data erased and not stored

This optional task is for dedicated IT server that will provide dedicated processing capacity for geocoded data…

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