FDA updates RFQ for ServiceNow Professional Services IDIQ

Updated May 24, 2022

Notice ID: FDA-RFP-22-1245659

The Government has issued Amendment 2 to extend Phase I due date to June 1, 2022, provide answers to vendors’ question, and add Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition, update Attachments A, B, C, and D.

The Government has issued Amendment 1 to notify vendors that we are no longer accepting questions regarding this solicitation effective immediately. Please see attached Amendment 1.

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Posted May 9, 2022

Notice ID: FDA-RFP-22-1245659

“Objectives: This IDIQ will allow for advancements in the way the ServiceNow Cloud platform is architected and structured, and support FDA’s new strategic objects in machine learning, use of artificial intelligence, and robotic automated processes. The primary objective of this contract is for the acquisition of ServiceNow services that sustain, develop, and further enhance FDA’s ServiceNow Program.”

“Through this contract, the Government seeks to achieve the following objectives, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain FDA’s ServiceNow environment and applications in a continued state of readiness, ensuring access, reliability, availability, and usability to current and new users by enabling continued support and enhancements to ServiceNow
  • Support planned version upgrades of ServiceNow as new versions are made available
  • Incorporate new business processes and data enhancements to support current and future business processes as they are introduced
  • Improve current and develop new business processes, workflows, and procedures
  • Verification of quality and code reusability through repeatable, managed processes equivalent to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® Maturity Level 3 at a minimum
  • Prepare for modernization of legacy applications and data by migrating to the Cloud
  • Platform integrations that provide additional benefits to the Service.”

“Scope: The professional services being requested through this IDIQ shall encompass a full range of architectural, system integrative, engineering, technical, training, and program support services necessary to develop new capabilities, maintain current offerings, and enhance existing and to be-determined ServiceNow services. More specifically, this IDIQ implements more of ServiceNow’s ITIL-compliant services for Mobile Applications, Property Management, Self-Service offerings for software download and identity

verification, development of a Virtual Agent to assist with finding answers in a knowledgebase, Live Agent chat and a Walkup Experience for users, and to assist with automation of Infrastructure Provisioning. A Measurements and Metrics capability also needs to be implemented to support a new Value System, along with Release Management, Deployment Management, Service Development Management, Service Financial Management, Demand Management, and Contract Management. Additionally, this IDIQ will help FDA to develop its

ServiceNow capabilities to support FDA’s future-forward, high-tech development of Machine Language, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Automation Processes. With the expansion in scope of the ServiceNow IT Service Management, CMDB, and IT Operations Management, expands the capabilities to incorporate all of the service offerings of ServiceNow…”

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