VA Acting Director of Infrastructure Operations on Cloud Architecture and Advanced Data Capabilities

“Agencies across the federal government are beginning to use their increasingly advanced cloud architecture to support the sophisticated application of artificial intelligence and data analytics…

At the Department of Veterans Affairs, this includes an increasingly varied and sophisticated scope of initiatives to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning toward medical care and diagnostics.

‘We have many petabytes of data both in the cloud and on prem, and what we’re doing from the enterprise cloud perspective is that we’re building a ‘super platform’ that manages all the various appropriations stream used to fund these various efforts to accelerate the work we’re doing and help them leverage the cloud,’ said Dave Catanoso, acting director of infrastructure operations at VA…

‘We’re seeing agencies moving away from the enterprise architecture model where they’re looking to move all their data to the cloud towards thinking about what data they actually need in the cloud,’ said Ron Williams, Director of Cloud Adoption & Infrastructure Optimization at the GSA IT Modernization Centers of Excellence.” Read the full article here.

Source: Modernized Cloud Infrastructure Supports Advanced Data Capabilities – By Adam Patterson, May 20, 2022. GovCIO.



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