VA RFQ: Hospital Industry Representatives Credentialing Management (Vendor/Visitor Management System)

Updated May 25, 2022

Notice ID: 36C26122Q0612

“SCOPE OF WORK: Due to a recent finding by the Joint Commission in 2019, VA Palo Alto Health Care System has decided to advance to a Vendor Credentialing system that monitors vendor activity on campus with credentialing requirements. VAPAHCS’ objective is to implement a system that provides vendors a permanent, colored badge to wear on campus with an identification picture, Bar or QR code. The code is intended to allow VAPAHCS team members to scan the code with their mobile device to verify proper identification and credentialing access onto facility premises…”

“VAPAHCS will require the vendor credentialing organization provide online access in a secure administrator dashboard for specific VA team members on site to monitor and govern HIRs in the credentialing system. VAPAHCS requires the vendor management company to demonstrate the ability for facility administrators to have access to a secure dashboard to monitor, track and revoke any vendor privileges in the credentialing system.”

“VAPAHCS requires the vendor management company provide the proper documentation and education to inform VA team members how to properly navigate and perform actions in the secure administrator dashboard.

VAPAHCS requires workstation administrators access to the following criteria:

  • Comprehensive list of vendors in the vendor management system
  • Vendor Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Profile Picture
  • Company Name
  • Manager Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • The ability to revoke specific user access.
  • History of Facility Logs
  • List of vendors currently logged-in
  • Users who have been revoked, or unapproved by an administrator
  • Visitor manifest list…”

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Posted May 24, 2022

Notice ID: 36C26122Q0612

The intent of this notice is to provide the pre-solicitation notice required by FAR 5.2- Synopsis of Proposed Contract Actions in preparation for release of the solicitation at a later date. The solicitation is planned to be issued by May 25, 2022. The RFQ due date is tentatively planned for June 3, 2021. The North American Industry Code Standard (NAICS) is 518210, Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services and annual size standard is $41.5 million.

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