VA RFI: Data and Scientific Computing Service for Sustainment of GenISIS

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0324

Veteran Affairs (VA) continues to establish its leadership in genomic medicine through The Million Veterans Program (MVP), Cooperative Studies Program (CSP) and other national initiatives.  MVP is a national initiative of VA to collect, store and manage biosamples from a minimum of one million Veterans that will be made available for conducting genomic research.  To date more than 850,000 biosamples have been collected and processed at the National VA Biorepositories.

Genomic Information System for Integrative Sciences (GenISIS) is the data and informatics platform for collecting, storing, integrating, and retrieving integrated data on a secure computing environment for research purposes. Thus, GenISIS spans multiple data domains, data centers, functionalities and technology stacks.

The GenISIS infrastructure includes a 17 Petabytes (PB) high-performance networked storage, and a HPC environment with 4660 cores and 85 TB RAM located at multiple VA data centers.  Currently, GenISIS hosts and manages multi-omic data including whole genome and whole exome sequence and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) genotyping data, methylation, metabolomic, proteomic, clinical and self-reported data. GenISIS continues to receive all the above data types as more participants are recruited to the national programs.

The current need for the Government is fulfilling tasks associated with multi-dimensional data acquisition, management and scientific computing services.

The Contractor shall provide Multi-omics Data Analysis, Biomedical informatics analysis, Informatics, Information Assurance and systems administrator support services to enable multiple data operations and scientific computing tasks for GenISIS Sustainment.

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