VA RFI: Healthcare Revenue Workflow Management and Business Information Technology Tools

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0316

“The Government has an upcoming requirement for support for the Office of Finance (OF), Revenue Operations (RO) Program Management Office (PMO) and at the seven (7) regionally aligned Consolidated Patient Account Centers (CPACs).  Specifically, this effort will be for management consulting, training, maintenance, and additional technical support.  Included with this proposed effort are the commercial components of the VA’s automated payer compliance and workflow management tools. This includes the provision of licensure for the MD Clarity Payer Compliance Tool and software maintenance for both the MD Payer Compliance Tool and the Huron Healthcare Workflow Management Tools…”

“Scope of Work: The Contractor shall provide a shippable product, operations support, and security compliance for the Revenue Operations Sub-Product Line under the CCPL.  A shippable product is defined as one that has been deployed to a production-like environment, validated through testing, monitored for resiliency, and determined to be operable and accepted by customers.  This support includes all development, testing, integration, architecture (with concurrence from enterprise and product line architecture), refactoring as needed, and all ongoing planned and unplanned operations and maintenance support to include predictive, preventative, corrective, and evolutionary through a cycle of Continuous Integration.  To do this the Contractor shall utilize DevSecOps principles and SAFe practices in partnership with VA…”

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