VA RFI: Identity Trait Verification Tool Licenses

Notice ID: 36C77622Q0310

“Introduction: The HC IdM Team requires an existing commercial off-the-shelf web-based application identity trait verification tool for Government use.”

“The HC IdM Team maintains a database of over 60 million electronic health records.  Access to this tool will provide the team with an enhanced ability to maintain the integrity of these records.  This data will be used by the HC IdM Team to verify traits for entries within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Master Person Index (MPI), ensuring the accurate linking of data from various facilities where the patient received treatment.  The objective of this procurement is to ensure that this tool is available to HC IdM staff to assist in maintaining the accuracy of data stored within the MPI.  Access to this tool will be needed for 29 HC IdM Team users.”

“Salient Characteristics Required of a Web-Based Application Identity Trait Verification Tool for Government use:

  • Extensive number of public and proprietary records for individuals to include, at a minimum, personal property records, records of potential relatives and associates, death records, criminal records, credit reports, and professional licenses/sanctions.
  • Connect a wide array of information that is critical to fully investigate businesses, such as addresses, phone number, federal employer identification numbers, fictitious business name, and Secretary of State Filings
  • Unique name and address combinations, with flags for potential “high risk.”
  • Current (non-expired) driver’s licenses or state issued identification cards for a vast expanse of the United States. This shall include, at a minimum, license number, name, date of birth, gender, and license issuance/expiration date.
  • Advanced capabilities to perform person searches by limited identity traits or information that has errors or is fragmented, and the ability to narrow down the returned results to build a comprehensive report.
  • Real-time features to include, but not limited to, phone and reverse phone searches, person searches, current address, and motor vehicle reports.
  • Address histories that go back, at the minimum, 20 years per person.”

“Scope of Work: The contractor shall provide 32 users, on the VA network, with access to a single online application, all-inclusive web-based trait verification tool.  User authentication shall be through entering identification such as username and/or password…”

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