VA RFI canceled for Life Insurance Policy Administration Solution (LIPAS) Phase IV and Operation and Maintenance

Updated May 17, 2022

“RFI 36C10B22Q0052 Life Insurance Policy Administration Solution (LIPAS) Phase IV Operation and Maintenance has been cancelled.”

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Posted November 3, 2021

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0052

“Background: The Insurance Service is responsible for the administration of six government life insurance programs serving over one million Veterans and their beneficiaries.”

“Insurance’s aging mainframe and client server applications are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and prohibitively expensive to operate. As these legacy systems approach end of life, our ability to perform core business functions is being compromised. In order to offer our Veterans the world-class service they deserve, it is crucial that we take action now to modernize our systems.

Insurance is modernizing its unsustainable legacy IBM mainframe system, the Insurance Payment System (IPS), and its VB.NET Microsoft SQL client server application, Veterans Insurance Claims Tracking and Reporting System (VICTARS). These legacy systems are being replaced by the holistic Life Insurance Policy Administration System (LIPAS) using the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, EXL LifePro, which is hosted on the VA enterprise cloud (VAEC).”

“The LIPAS project kicked off in May 2019. Over the past two years LIPAS has stood up the EXL LifePro tool on the VA Enterprise Cloud (VAEC) and configured workflows, policies, and processing rules to support the migration of VA Running Awards programs and Service-Disabled Veteran Insurance (S-DVI) programs. All new business and Running Award policies are being processed in the new LIPAS system, named VISION.”

“Scope of Work: The Contractor shall configure new Insurance products and workflow processes to  support the migration of closed programs from the legacy system, VICTARS to the new EXL LifePro solution and provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support.

  1. Configuration of new workflow processes and changes to existing workflows to support closed insurance programs.
  2. Configuration of VA Insurance closed programs
  3. Migrate closed program policies from the legacy VICTARS system into LIPAS solution, EXL LifePro.
  4. Provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support of LIPAS.
  5. Maintain and support SmartCOMM letter generation tool and configure letter templates to support Closed Programs.”

“The Period of Performance (PoP) shall be a Base Period of 6 months from date  of award, with five 12-month optional task for Operations and Maintenance  (O&M). Additionally, the total task order shall not exceed 66 months.”

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