VA RFI: Readiness and Employment System

Notice ID: 36C10D22Q0014

“Purpose: This Statement of Objectives (SOO) seeks to obtain an MSP solution that shall provide program services, along with development and operations of a modern case management solution that leverages automation that will enable VR&E to deliver comprehensive VR&E benefits and allow program participants to successfully prepare, find, and maintain gainful employment. The MSP solution shall streamline functionality, integrating existing VA and VBA corporate systems into a centralized application. The MSP solution shall be deployed to production as a managed services solution hosted within the FedRAMP certified cloud environment. The MSP shall develop a solution inclusive of associated program services for the lifecycle management of VR&E cases and to:

  • Provide world-class case management services to enable development of effective vocational rehabilitation and independent living plans, timely and accurate generation of awards, real-time eligibility, and benefit information
  • Improve business processes with automation while streamlining administrative, financial processing and reporting capabilities to allow the VRCs more time to engage with program participants
  • Determine eligibility, calculate entitlement benefits, and calculate award amounts based on established and prospective business rules
  • Manage workload to ensure proper compliance and oversight of the VR&E program, and the use of data to monitor business processes and measure program participant outcomes, costs of rehabilitation, and other key performance indicators
  • Update VBA records to reflect the required data elements and to document the status of each program participant’s case
  • Support existing legislative and policy requirements and adapt to any new legislative and policy changes…”

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