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“The Director, Informatics Patient Safety (IPS) is the most senior leader responsible for promoting safe use and safe operation of health IT in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The Director also leads collaboration with other government agencies and industry associations for the same. IPS offers services in areas of Safety Surveillance, Investigation, and Mitigation (SSIM), Knowledge Dissemination (KD), and Knowledge Discovery (KDIS). Individuals directly impacted include an estimated 120,000 clinicians, 7 million Veterans, caregivers, and tens of thousands of other healthcare workers. IPS is located within the Clinical Informatics and Data Management Office (CIDMO) in the Office of Health Informatics in VHA. 

Develops comprehensive Informatics and patient safety programs which have a substantial impact on VHA’s provision of healthcare to patients through the assessment of healthcare work processes and socio-technical models to proactively identify risks to prevent harm with the use of information systems used by all clinicians, Veterans and caregivers throughout the VA 

Serves as subject matter expert on matters related to patient safety and informatics, specifically implementation of health information technology in delivery of healthcare that affect the VA and Veterans 

Serves as the leader and responsible manager for overseeing all VHA Health IT Patient Safety activities including evaluating surveillance methods and implementation practices, and conducting retrospective and proactive risk assessments 

Develops and implements metrics and measures of effectiveness for enterprise-wide projects 

Provides guidance and coordination to IPS staff throughout the program lifecycle to resolve complex and controversial system programmatic, funding, or user issues; leads and conducts studies of work processes, operational interrelationships, and current and future programmatic and user requirements 

Provides expert senior level leadership, management and supervision to major projects, problems and studies that cover the whole range of Health IT Patient Safety activities, i.e., management, assessment and implementation to ensure that the VA/DOD and other patient safety programs/projects are delivered effectively and efficiently 

Utilizes strong senior leadership skills to establish an organizational vision, and influence others to translate vision into action in a continuously changing environment; and formulate objectives and priorities and implement plans consistent with the long-term interests of the organization 

Directs a team of government and contract support resources consisting of a diverse collection of health informatics safety analysts, pharmacists, physician, nurse, data scientist/analyst, cognitive psychologist and subject matter experts 

Responsible for researching and investigating new or improved patient safety risk management applications to business and management practices for application to agency programs or operations 

Identifies IPS program performance measures and metrics, monitors and analyzes program performance with responsibility to take corrective action on sub-performing elements, and prepares and submits an annual plan.” 

Read the full job description here. 

G2X TAKE: Those who support the Department of Veterans Affairs may want to influence who applies for this role that is responsible for researching and investigating new or improved patient safety risk management applications to business and management practices for application to agency programs or operations. 



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