VA shares Vendor Q&A re Legal Case Management Software RFP

Updated May 19, 2022

Notice ID: 36C10M22R0004

VA has added the answers to vendor questions.

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Posted April 29, 2022

Notice ID: 36C10M22R0004

“The objective of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to acquire commercial off the shelf (COTS) legal-specific case management software for the VA OIG Office of Counselor.  This software is required to allow the VA OIG Office of Counselor to manage their legal cases and matters from inception to completion.  This software will need to be a turn-key solution and not require significant modification from the contractor to implement.  The software should be designed for in-house, corporate, or government counsel and be able to perform the following functions:

  1. Matter and document tracking and management
  2. Document automation, customizable form, and document templates
  3. Task management, integrated calendar, and scheduling
  4. Client/Contact Management”

“The scope of the project is as follows:

  1. Supply and delivery of the system, including all the necessary licenses and features as specified in the RFP
  2. Set-up and installation of the system that shall be provided by 90 days upon contract is awarded
  3. Testing and final implementation of the system
  4. Detailed training on the use of the system and post implementation support
  5. Provision of any additional requirement, such as but not limited to, software/database licenses, or set-up not specified in the RFP, but necessary for the successful implementation of the legal case management system…”

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