VA RFI: GovDelivery Communications Cloud Service and Software maintenance

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0301

“Product Requirements: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Information and Technology and Office of Public Affairs has a requirement for renewal of its deployed brand name GovDelivery Communications Cloud Service Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as ancillary Software Maintenance and professional support services. The solution will provide enhanced web site and e-mail communication tools for public organizations. These services will enable VA to communicate harvested data from across the enterprise’s business lines in a manner that is easily consumable by the public. The Contractor shall provide services to allow users to create customizable profiles and subscribe to information from across VA web sites as well as assist. The period of performance of this effort shall be 12-month base period to commence on July 17, 2022, plus four 12-month option periods and five-optional tasks, to be exercised at the Government’s discretion. The entire effort shall not exceed 60 months.”


The Contractor shall provide renewal of the deployed GovDelivery Communications Cloud Service SaaS solution for the VA Enterprise…

“The solution shall provide the following functionality:

VA’s intended use of these services will enable VA to educate Veterans, family members, caregivers and the public about VA benefits, programs, and services.  It will also enable VA to humanize the agency through use of direct, personal, and warm interaction with as many Veterans and stakeholders as possible.  In order to provide for increased communication trust, the Contractor shall provide digital tools that include full customization of sign up and e-mail templates and allow posting content to social media web sites.  As public-facing internet web sites, it is critical that the services be ‘user-friendly’ in a way that enables web site visitors a simple method to subscribe to updates as they occur.  This process will be achieved through an easy to implement code snippet that requires VA staff to add to a webpage or in social media without having to interface with any VA backend databases. In order to better serve the VA’s external audience with the most accurate information possible, this service will utilize the most modern Application Programming Interface (APIS) in order to integrate with various external systems like Microsoft’s active directory, to perform data analysis and customer experience journey mapping…”

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