CMS RFP: Enterprise Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Program Support (ECATPS)

Updated June 13, 2022

Notice ID: APP220509

“The purpose of this contract is to obtain Enterprise Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Program Support services needed to consolidate existing Information Security and Privacy Group (ISPG) training efforts and support the continuation of the program’s training activities of ISPG.”

“Task Area 1: Program Management

Task Area 2: Training and Awareness Development Support

  • Task Area 2.1: Training Modernization

The contractor will review the current training program and emerging draft materials within ISPG and OIT to gain an understanding of the scope of the programs, materials, infrastructure, desired organizational and individual learning outcomes and supporting training goals and objectives. The outcome of the review should inform a plan or strategy for aligning work efforts underway, future developmental work, existing curriculum and supporting materials, and learning strategies for a cohesive approach across all the various programs…

  • Task Area 2.2: LMS Support

Description of services: The contractor shall assist the course developers by helping load, configure, edit, remove, maintain, and update courses in the LMS, to include addressing LMS configuration and system settings.

    • Creating and configuring the user navigation options, links, and icons.
    • Updating and posting news and latest information on the LMS information pages to provide users information on new course releases, campaigns, deadlines, and course completion requirements.
    • Helping to define and implement the LMS course menu structure of categories and subcategories of courses…
  • Task Area 2.3: CyberVet Training

The Contractor will review the current CyberVet training program; all emerging draft materials; designated learning outcomes, goals, and objectives; and performance measures and metrics. Following the overall review, the Contractor shall provide a framework and strategy for aligning efforts and materials so that there is cohesion within and alignment among the various ISPG training programs…”

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Posted May 24, 2022

Notice ID: APP220509

The ISPG Security and Privacy program is responsible for defining policy, providing security and privacy services, and leading compliance and oversight of the program. The ISPG is comprised of five divisions: Division of Security and Privacy Compliance (DSPC), Division of Cyber Threat and Security Operations (DCTSO), Division of Security, Privacy Policy and Governance (DSPPG), Division of Strategic Information (DSI), and Division of Implementation and Reporting (DIR); and supported by the Front Office.

ISPG is looking for a contractor with knowledge in Cybersecurity and Privacy Awareness and Training Program support, which is needed to consolidate existing ISPG training efforts and support the continuation of the program’s training activities of ISPG.  Tasks and activities completed by the contractor will service ISPG, as well as ISPG’s OIT Group partners and customers, to promote transparency, accountability, less duplication of effort, and improved program and cost efficiency.  To meet these objectives, the contractor will have responsibilities in the following task areas:

  • Project management
  • Supporting the ISPG training team
  • Consulting expertise to address emerging challenges and operation requirements within the awareness and training program
  • Providing training content development services and delivery
  • Providing subject matter expert support for the development, delivery and maintenance of a comprehensive information security and privacy awareness and training program
  • Developing and implementing curriculum using the cognitive apprenticeship learning model
  • Recommending, employing, and managing a unified learning management solution
  • Actively participating in the support, refinement, and delivery of the CyberVet-cohort program, monitor, as well as providing feedback on the progress and results of both the cohorts and the program with recommendations to ISPG.

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