DOD Clinical Informatics Lead: Peer training, clinical informatics essential to MHS GENESIS’ success

“The Military Health System is rolling out MHS GENESIS, its new electronic health record, worldwide and the better providers and patients know how to use it, the better patient outcomes are going to be. Ensuring proper training of both providers and patients is therefore essential for the successful integration and sustainment of MHS GENESIS into MHS care. To best prepare users to get the most out of MHS GENESIS, that training needs to include two key elements: peer training by local and regional experts in the new EHR and leveraging data and insights obtained through clinical informatics.”

“Augmenting peer training with clinical informatics maximizes providers’ ability to learn best practices for using MHS GENESIS and pass them on to patients. Armed with such knowledge, both groups can more effectively increase readiness, improve access, improve care, and lower costs. The goal is to help providers spend more quality time with patients and improve transition to care throughout the MHS…”

“Clinical Informatics

Teaching providers how to use MHS GENESIS is but one part of helping the platform succeed. Another essential element is clinical informatics, which helps in teaching providers how to collect, analyze, and use EHR data to support best practices and improve efficiency and outcomes. It’s critically important to ensure data integrity is as high as possible. If you have bad data, you make bad decisions, and none of us wants that.”

“Using better data to drive decisions is a big part of improving clinical workflow, an area of significant interest and expertise for clinical informaticists and something important to train providers to do. It includes educating people on how to evaluate their current EHR workflow and training them how to eliminate waste and potentially dangerous actions. The key is to teach optimal standardized workflow across the enterprise, which standardizes care – improving outcomes and reducing unintended and unwanted variation that can make care not evidence based.”


Peer experts schooled in clinical informatics can be a huge asset to their organizations by helping new and struggling users learn MHS GENESIS to provide better, more cost-effective care. Research shows that groups with formal clinical informatics training are more successful than those without it…” Read the full article here.

Source: Peer training, clinical informatics essential to MHS GENESIS’ success – By Dr. Robert Marshall, June 8, 2022. DVIDS.



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