GovCIO: VA Sees Returns from Yearslong Customer Experience Campaign

The Department of Veterans Affairs improved services delivery and increased veteran satisfaction through a years-long campaign of customer experience analysis that addressed agency services as part of a cohesive program.

Chief Veterans Experience Officer Barbara Morton outlined how the agency mapped out and executed wide-reaching improvements to its core services at the 2022 FCW Government Customer Experience & Engagement Summit Wednesday…

“One of the first things the team did was create the first ever veterans experience journey map,” Morton said. “It was a game changer for us because it really was able to showcase what it means to think in a customer centric way, forcing us as an organization not to think of ourselves in terms of our own organizational chart, but thinking of ourselves in terms of how we might serve veterans based on different moments that matter in their lives along their life journey.”…

“We applied the same principles, the same techniques of human-centered design, as we had in the veterans experience journey map and the patient experience journey map to the employee experience journey map, turning those insights into tangible tools, trainings, leadership practices to empower employees to deliver better experiences,” Morton said…

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