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  • Provides functional management oversight over the following programs: Category Management, Government Purchase Card Program, Sustainability, Industry Engagement, Acquisition Business and Information Systems and Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting Systems (CPARS).  
  • Uses cost effective techniques to maximize DHHS’ flexibility to achieve quality, timeliness and economies of scale through acquisition support programs such as category management, sustainability and purchase card programs.  
  • The incumbent shall oversee tailored strategies and actions to reduce unaligned contract spend and execution of plans to increase use of best-in-class contract solutions.  
  • Implement and maintain efficient processes and policies to support federal category management goals.  
  • Addresses plans to drive efforts that address federal policies and goals to include statutory small business goals and other socioeconomic requirements.  
  • Actively develops and implements a category management business model that will enable the federal DHSS to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.  
  • Actively implements and oversees the Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program. Guides and provides expert consultation on streamlined approaches for small purchase and simplifying administrative efforts associated with procuring goods and services under the micro-purchase threshold.  

Read the full job description here. 

G2X TAKE: Those who support the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) may want to influence who applies for this role in the Office of the Secretary (OS), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources (ASFR), Office of Acquisitions (OA) that is responsible for actively working closely with industry to understand the direction of the marketplace and incorporating innovative approaches and solutions to meet HHS contracting needs.  



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