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G2X TAKE: Beating out one other bidder Social & Scientific Systems, a Division of DLH Holdings Corp., has been awarded a 5-year contract to provide Statistical Support Services to the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ Division of the National Toxicology Program and Division of Intramural Research. The contract, valued at $12M, was awarded using GSA MAS.

“DLH has held this contract since 1986. The contract includes a base period of one year with four 1-year options…

‘DLH staff have demonstrated their unique strengths in providing the NIEHS DNTP and DIR with statistical, mathematical, and computational services and we are thrilled to continue this collaborative partnership,’ said Jeanine Christian, president of DLH’s public health and scientific research operating unit…” Read more here. Source: DLH Wins Renewal of NIH Contract for Statistical Support –  By Amanda Ziadeh, June 5, 2022. Washington Exec.

Take Bytes 

  • Social & Scientific Systems, a team that utilizes advanced research (including longitudinal studies), data analytics, and secure IT platform services to assist mission-critical public health agencies within the Department of Health & Human Services – including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – was acquired by DLH in 2019 for $70 Million. Read more here.  
  • DLH is a rapidly emerging and leading provider of innovative Healthcare research, services and solutions to the Federal Government. Its capabilities include System Modernization, Clinical Trials Research Services, Cloud Hosting Services, Data Science and Analytics, Health Services Research, Health Operations and Logistics, Performance Evaluation, Public Health Research, Strategic Digital Communications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Case Management. Source: DLH.  
  • This is just the latest NIH win for DLH and follows a $14M Epidemiology Support and Professional Services Contract.  
  • This J&A detailed the rationale for an 8-month extension to incumbent Social and Scientific Systems with intel to include: “NIEHS is requesting that a short-term sole source task order of eight (8) months be awarded to the incumbent for the continuation of the support services being provided under the current contract. This short-term sole source effort will enable NIEHS to continue to receive essential mathematical and statistical support services while also allowing for a managed transition from the current contract to a new 5-year contract which is anticipated to be competed on GSA MAS for Professional Services. This sole source requirement is a means to achieve continuity as NIEHS executes the next competitive action.” Read more here. 
  • The company lays claim to a broad range of clients across the Federal Civilian and military health sectors to include HHS ACF, CDC, HRSA and VA. See the complete list here. 
  • DLH’s leadership team includes President and CEO Zachary ParkerHelene Fisher, President, DLH Mission Services & Solutions; Chief Growth Officer, Jackie Everett; and President, Public Health & Scientific Research, Jeanine Christian.            
  • Last summer, three DLH-supported projects were named 2021 FedHealthIT Innovation Award Winners. Read more here.    

RFP ID: RFQ1504494/75N96022Q00058
Award ID: 75N96022F00055
Referenced IDV ID: GS00F173CA  



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