U.S. Army: On Contracting: Avoid Bridges to Nowhere

…1 – Don’t let assumptions justify your actions.

Key point: Don’t assume the necessity for a bridge action outweighs the requirement to conduct proper market research.

FAR Part 6 requires that notices of proposed contract actions have been published and any responses considered before award of a sole-source contract using the “only one responsible source” and “no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements” exception to full and open competition…

2 – Don’t proceed in the company of predetermined conclusions.

Key point: Poor time management does not justify executing a bridge action…

3 – Don’t avoid the fact that we knew the contract expiration date when the contract was initially awarded.

Key point: Lack of advance planning does not justify limiting competition. [See FAR 6.301(c)(1)]… Read the full article here.



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