VA RFI: Human Capital Management Technical Support

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0382

“Introduction: …This contract will provide technical support to HCM and HRA OSP shared service products with an emphasis on the current version of HRSMART, system of record for human capital data, and the future version of HRSMART. The Scope of work shall include but not limited to system integration, configuration, system engineering, defect management, testing, deployment, operations, and management services. Continued enhancements through development and configuration are planned for future and shall include the current HR system and the future version of HRSMART. This Task Order shall cover work throughout the lifecycle of this work…”

“Scope of Work: The Contractor shall provide Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) project management, management support, functional management support, technical management support, system interface support, independent verification and validation support, and implementation management support for the current version of HRSMART, future enhanced version of HRSMART, the Clinical Trainee Registration and Tracking System (CTRTS), and related products within the Corporate HCM product line.”

“The Government requires the full range of services to ensure synchronization and coordination of technical support through the HCM product line and in support of the HRSMART system, the future enhanced version of HRSMART, and CTRTS. All tasks and deliverables shall be completed utilizing business agile approaches to include, but not limited to, iterative work product delivery, transparent communications, collaboration with multiple vendors and teams, customer engagement, and value driven work.”

“Applicability: This Task Order (TO) effort PWS is within the scope of the following paragraphs 4.1 Program Management, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Planning Support; 4.4 Test & Evaluation; and 4.5 Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of the T4NG Basic PWS…”

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