VA RFI: Supply Chain Modernization

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0379

“VA requires an Easy to Use, Integrated, Intelligent Supply Chain Modernization and Management solution that is cloud based. The VA Supply Chain manages the flow of goods, services, and information between all stakeholders, including within the VA, external suppliers and service providers, and the ultimate customer – the Veteran. This includes but is not limited to Prosthetics, Pharmacy, IT, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Facilities., Burial and Benefit supplies as well as administration of the same…”

“Technical Objectives: The following technical objectives, in priority order, shall be provided for all components of the VA Supply Chain enterprise-wide:

  • Inventory Management: Provide a real-time inventory management solution as well as associated supporting business processes and technologies to ensure the right items are in the right place at the right time across all seven VA supply chain subcategories. This solution should include all aspects of real-time inventory visibility…”
  • Procurement/Order Management
  • Capital Asset Visibility
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management…”

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