VA RFI: VISN 9 TeleCare Companion (TELESITTER) Acquisition

Notice ID 36C24922Q0443


The contractor shall provide a turnkey solution to the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) “TeleCare Companion” initiative including but not limited to assessing site conditions, installing commercial off the shelf remote patient observation systems that conform to the requirements of this PWS and applicable regulatory guidance, help desk support, analytic reporting, clinical and technical staff training, ongoing repair and replacement and maintenance of equipment . In the event existing and/or legacy VA equipment will be earmarked for replacement during the performance of this effort (such equipment to be designated by VA on a case-by-case basis), the contractor shall be responsible for removing such designated equipment and for any related migration of data from said equipment into VHA.

This procurement is intended to offer a safe, cost effective observation, communication, and analytic solution to the care companion needs throughout VHA. The desired outcome is to utilize centralized patient observation while ensuring patient safety is not compromised.

It is possible that changes in federal law, statute, regulation (to include VA-specific regulations), policy, guidance, standards of care, best practices, and/or technical requirements to enhance and/or ensure patient safety may result in the need for updates, modifications, changes, and/or replacement of any hardware and/or software solutions provided under this effort in order to comply with any/all such changes.

Should any such changes occur during the course of performance for this effort which may result in the need to modify the contract’s terms and conditions they will be addressed accordingly, to include (but not limited to) revising the PWS to accommodate any/all respective changes in required contract performance, potential submission and consideration of Requests for Equitable Adjustment if appropriate (note that submission of any REA’s shall not constitute and/or result in automatic acceptance and/or approval of same by the Government), as well as the receipt of proposals from performing contractors with respect to any changes to provided hardware, software, support services, warranty costs, etc. which may be considered, negotiated, and potentially added to the base contract PWS requirements via contract modification.

Vendor shall be FIPS compliant.

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