VA RFP: VTP VetRide Transportation Solution

Updated June 2, 2022

Notice ID: 36C10B22R0010

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Procurement, Acquisition, and Logistics (OPAL), Technology Acquisition Center (TAC), located at 23 Christopher Way, Eatontown, New Jersey, intends to enter into a small business set-aside for VetRide Transportation Solution…”

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Posted February 2, 2022

Notice ID: 36C10B22Q0139


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration, Member Services (MS) Veterans Transportation Program (VTP) requires the VetRide Transportation Solution to include scheduling software and routing systems along with the associated hardware to deploy to the VA medical centers (VAMCs) throughout the VA Enterprise. VA requires an integrated transportation approach with vehicle tracking devices, passenger tracking, clinic tracking, disability tracking, dynamic routing, detailed scheduling and reporting. Transportation Services in the VA are widely dispersed and operate independently of each other…”


The Contractor shall provide a VTP VetRide Transportation Solution that provides facilities the ability to increase access to care through meeting Veteran’s transportation needs and trips to include monitoring of special needs such as medical devices required for transport, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), care planning for discharge and admission, consults for Special Mode of Transportation (SMT), Ambulance Transport Reports, infectious diseases e.g. COVID, routing, scheduling, and data collection.”

“This VetRide Solution shall be hosted in the VAEC environment. and be fully functional no later than 12 months from contract reward.”

“The VetRide Solution shall integrate Mobile Data Computers (MDC) which communicate with VA in real time for various modes of transportation to include Advanced Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), stretcher vans, and wheelchair vans. The VetRide Solution shall allow for VA transportation and a clinical user interface via web browser, connectivity to community transportation resources for coordination of scheduled rides, and a self-service solution for Veterans to request transportation, check their status, and get routing information of scheduled transports. The solution shall be designed to meet the demands of all users, both internal and external, in very high volume of data transfer. The VetRide Solution shall meet or exceed all VA security standards and has obtained a full Authority to Operate (ATO).”

“The Contractor shall provide the VTP VetRide Transportation Solution to include maintenance, support, and equipment. The Contractor shall serve as the single point of contact for all elements of the transportation solution to include MDC installation, necessary telecom (voice, data, and satellite plans) services, and other integration services as required…”

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