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  • The Executive Director (ED) has oversight of the EHRMIO program management staff that provides support on operations specific to deployment planning and operations strategy, financial management, program control, test and evaluation, and logistics.  
  • The ED supports and coordinates with the PED on the formulation and implementation of policies and directives for EHRMIO administrative management functions related to program management.  
  • The ED provides management and oversight over the EHR contractor’s performance
  • The ED leads the development and implementation of a comprehensive, cohesive and robust, business-driven approach to EHRMIO’s operations and services by establishing and deploying operational criteria, methodologies and business processes that ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems to new health IT products and solutions.  
  • The ED is responsible for the establishment, implementation, and oversight of the concepts, plans, policies, systems, and procedures needed to execute the assigned mission.  
  • The incumbent directs the development of an integrated multi-year programming and reporting system and ensures integration of EHRM-IO’s financial reporting process that includes both long range plans and annual budget.  

Read the full job description here. 

G2X TAKE: Those who support the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may want to influence who applies for this role in the Project Management Office (PMO) of Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management that serves as principal advisor to the Program Executive Director (PED), Electronic Health Record Modernization Integration Office (EHRMIO) on issues specific to EHRMIO’s Project Management, Implementation Strategy, Deployment Schedule, and Integration of Deployment Activities Across the VA.  



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