HealthIT Buzz: An Innovative Program to Expand the Use of HIE Data for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

ONC is excited to announce “Using Machine Learning Techniques to Enable Health Information Exchange to Support COVID-19-Focused PCOR,” a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Trust Fund project implementing new technologies and standards to unlock the potential for health information exchanges (HIEs) to support research.

This project will pilot the use of a novel, privacy-preserving machine learning technique called split learning in several HIEs to understand its applicability and suitability for widespread adoption by HIEs. The use of the privacy-preserving split learning technique will test the ability to use HIE data for research at the individual HIE level and across multiple HIEs. It will also demonstrate a new method for PCOR researchers and a capability that can be adopted by HIEs across the nation…

Participating HIEs will be able to take advantage of the anticipated implementation of ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule, including being able to access electronic health information from participating providers using a certified Health Level Seven International® (HL7®) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources® (FHIR®) application programming interface (API) and the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI). The innovative use of the FHIR API standards including HL7® Bulk FHIR® API to deliver value in health care has never been greater and we hope that this project lays the ground for further innovation by the research community… Read the full article here.



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