Red Team Consulting: The Magical Mystery Tour of Point-Scoring Bids (Part 2)

In the first iteration of our two-part blog series on point-scoring bids, we addressed how point-scoring is used, provided a run-down of current and upcoming point-scoring bids, and provided our assessment of their effectiveness. In this installment, we’ll get a bit more tactical and go over the components of typical point-scoring systems and strategies for improving your score and building a team to maximize your points…

The two most common categories of point-scoring criteria are corporate experience and certifications. For corporate experience, bidders are required to cite specific contract examples for which the work performed was directly relevant to the statement of work. The number of allowable contracts cited has ranged from 2 to 30.

In addition to earning points for having executed contracts with work similar to the SOW, some procurements provide additional points for contracts that show experience with similar “emerging” or “leading edge” technologies. Also, points may be claimed if the contracts you are citing have these criteria:

  • Multiple unique/different technical areas covered, generally determined by NAICS or SIC codes or substantiated evidence
  • Multiple separate and unique Federal customers
  • Multiple Federal multiple-award contracts
  • OCONUS experience
  • Classified experience… Read the full article here.

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