VA Presolicitation: Project & Program Management Services

Notice ID 36C24522R0102

Scope of Work

The Contractor shall provide project management support services and related technical services to the VHA Office of Patient Advocacy (OPA) to support the modernization of patient advocacy and complaint resolution operations in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Areas of focus include support in the following task areas:

  1. TASK ONE: Program and Project Management
  2. TASK TWO: Change Management Support
  3. TASK THREE: Workforce Capability Development and Management
  4. TASK FOUR: Data Science and Analytics Support
  5. TASK FIVE: Management Consulting Services…

TASK FOUR: Data Science and Analytics Support

4.a. Data Science and Analytics

The contractor shall perform the following services:

Evaluate data definitions in current and legacy patient advocacy tracking system and recommend changes to data definitions. Develop communication about these changes in Patient Advocate Tracking System (PATS) to ensure documentation accuracy and compliance.

Identify and define a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be used to measure complaint resolution and patient advocacy. Contractor shall provide a detailed methodology for defining mentioned KPIs.

Develop reports that utilize natural language processing to identify themes and patterns in feedback and comments recorded in the OPA complaint management tracking systems.

Develop reports that incorporate trending across current and legacy data. Analyze the discrepancy between the legacy and current system data and data definitions and integrate normalization logic into reports to eliminate/reduce inaccurate trends and avoid false conclusions when trending historic data by using Power BI and other tools.

Development of a data strategy for an OPA Master Data Plan including a data/analytics ecosystem and tools that provide plans and and/or recommendations on how OPA might:

  • Use, collect, store, analyze and leverage complaint management data.

Develop a data ecosystems map showing the data value chain, data flows and independent systems.

4.b. Enterprise-wide Reporting and Tools

The contractor shall provide a methodology and coordinate development/creation for enterprise-wide reporting that incorporates patient advocacy related data from distributed systems across the VA enterprise by using Veterans Support Service Center (VSSC), Power BI and other identified tools…

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