VA RFI: Benefits Data Quality

Notice ID 36C10D22Q0021


At this time a draft PWS is not available; however, the primary goal of the VBA Data Quality Program is to improve the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and latency of the data. The Contractor shall assist VBA in its current tasks and in improving data integrity throughout the enterprise (including but not limited to identity management), engage in all Data Governance activities across the agency, identify root causes of duplicate record creation, and support business process improvement.  These tasks are divided between tasks requiring specific, defined deliverables with clear deliverable schedules, and ongoing support services tasks where a continued contractor presence will be needed to either 1) meet daily needs or 2) sustain continued long-term program progress where the task deliverables will be continually adjusted or affected by VBA’s operations. The Contractor shall improve timelines and processing of remediation through process improvement in collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the remediation process, both internal and external to VBA.

VBA would require the contractor to provide the following:

  1. Address data quality issues affecting all records by performing both manual and automated programmatic data reconciliation.
  2. Analyze data quality issues to identify trends and patterns within the data, specifically root causes and provide recommendations based on the analysis.
  3. Create a case management process for data reconciliation to address data quality issues affecting individual records based on prioritization of remediation as defined by business processes and business rules.
  4. Facilitate and drive the resolution of data quality corrective actions with both internal and external stakeholders from various Lines of Business and Staff Offices.
  5. Assist VBA with the development, implementation, and documentation of policies, procedures, and business processes to address data quality issues.
  6. Assist and promote the VBA Data Governance Council by focusing on the needs of VBA’s organizations and designating Authoritative Data Sources (ADS) to align them with policies, procedures, and organizational goals.
  7. Perform data extraction for automation, building direct data feeds, identifying & addressing system limitations, promoting data provenance, enabling advanced analytics and business intelligence while ensuring availability and accessibility through structured data management will be key elements targeted.
  8. Assist VBA with the elicitation, documentation, solutioning and project management for the development and implementation of systems requirements to address data quality issues; and
  9. Develop training and communications materials and facilitate organizational change management where new policies, procedures or systems changes may be implemented.
  10. Assist VBA with identification of data stewardship over data domains which include identity domains, military service domains and contact information domains.
  11. Creation and maintenance of data dictionaries for systems, applications, and databases across the enterprise…

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