GovCIO: GI Bill Gets Digitization and Automation Improvements

Initially launched in 2021, the Digital GI Bill (DGIB) aims to integrate all GI Bill benefits through a single online portal designed to streamline the experience and improve access.

One of VA’s broader goals in modernizing its services has been the comprehensive integration of data within services that either automate their delivery or greatly expedite the delivery of critical services. This has been a special priority within the Veteran Benefits Administration, whose technology leadership has worked to integrate data from service records and other sources into the automatic processing of benefits claims…

Rather than the more fragmented approach to claims processing and software integration that was the previous model for VA services, the DGIB brings together the management of education benefits within a single interface.

“Like many other government organizations, [our services] were paper driven and sort of long and arduous. Prior to 2008 or so, we processed claims in a highly manual workflow where we had to touch about 11 different computer applications to just process a claim,” [DGIB Supervisory IT Program Manager Riley Ross] said… Read the full article here.



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