HHS IHS RFP and SOO: Indian Health Service HIT Modernization

Notice ID 140D0421R0050

3.1 Scope of Acquisition

The scope of this acquisition includes procurement, implementation, and support for a commercially-available Best-of-Suite Health IT replacement of the RPMS. IHS endeavors to retire its RPMS health information technology platform and replace it with an enterprise health information technology solution. This will be an enterprise instance, centrally managed and governed solution that accommodates participation by numerous Tribal and Urban Indian healthcare organizations alongside the IHS in a multi-tenant environment. IHS seeks a Health IT solution that uses modern technologies and incorporates best practice clinical and business processes to improve health care outcomes. This includes the installation, implementation, training, integration, optimization, and sustainment of recommended solutions, strategies, and equipment (procured by the Contractor or provided by the Government). The procurement of limited ancillary items (e.g., hardware/software, minor cabling, network drops, etc.) may be allowed on a case-by-case basis when determined to be most efficient to prepare the site for the deployment of the EHR solution.

3.2 Scope of IHS Services Supported by Health IT Solution

The scope of capabilities and services touched by the IHS Health IT modernization initiative is broad. IHS provides cradle-to-grave care for its service population, and in most locations offers a variety of services in an integrated setting, typically including but not limited to:

  • Primary care for all ages
  • Hospital services
  • Surgical services
  • Prenatal care
  • Behavioral health
  • Dental
  • Eye care (opticians, optometry, and/or ophthalmology)
  • Physical therapy
  • Telehealth services (services provided when the physician/provider and patient are separated by time and/or distance)
  • Referrals to outside partners and specialty services
  • Purchased and Referred Care (PRC) program referrals…

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