Dr. DB Babjack joins KPMG Federal Health and Government Solutions

KPMG Federal Health and Government Solutions hires health technology leader Dr. DB Babjack to further accelerate advanced technology, data, and analytics capabilities to address federal healthcare clients’ critical needs. DB is an accomplished leader in health technology, product transformation, and healthcare operations. She has led the development and delivery of data-driven health solutions for a wide range of needs, such as patient-personalization, patient cost-of-care, patient and beneficiary engagement, population health management, and precision medicine. DB specializes in harnessing the power of data and technology to generate patient-centric innovation and outcomes. As KPMG aligns to rapidly changing client demands, DB will provide hands-on perspective on how industry is ushering in the future of healthcare by leveraging innovations ranging from personalized experience, advanced analytics, and next-generation care management to the proliferation of digital healthcare to address health inequities and the emergence of the metaverse. Her continued focus on the intersection of health and technology enables her to bring forward advanced healthcare transformation solutions at digital speed to support our healthcare clients.

DB comes to KPMG from Optum Technology where she led the development of open-source healthcare innovations at scale. Prior to Optum, she worked at UnitedHealthcare where she led the Data Science and Analytics, Data Engineering, and Infrastructure support group to enable enterprise healthcare operations. She is a patent-holding inventor, published healthcare interventionist, and a professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a doctorate in health and biological psychology. She has built dozens of transformative healthcare technology solutions and shepherded them through the product lifecycle across several fields including data science, education, neuroscience, open-source software, clinical hardware, and advanced analytics. Her hyper-personalized health solutions have served millions of patients to improve equitable access to critical healthcare services through enhanced data-informed capabilities.

Source: KPMG, September 21, 2022.



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