Federal News Network: Cloud Exchange 2022: NIH’s Susan Gregurick on cloud democratizing research

The National Institutes of Health contain a wealth of biomedical and health data but can’t fully unlock the value of that data until the agency makes it securely accessible to partners in the research community.

Susan Gregurick, NIH’s associate director for data science and the director of its Office of Data Science Strategy, said the agency’s ongoing cloud interoperability platform initiative will create a “data mesh” that will make it easier for researchers to work across the multiple data sources.

“Cloud has really democratized our access to data and really improved the way in which researchers can work with data,” Gregurick said during the Federal News Network Cloud Exchange 2022. “Even if it’s in the cloud, it doesn’t mean that it’s all there and accessible. There’s many different platforms within the cloud. But creating that sort of data mesh across the cloud is the next big challenge.” …

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